In June of 2014, we thought it would be a great idea to head to Dakar, Senegal. Dakar, which is located on the very tip of the West African coast, is one of those cities you hardly hear about. Not for its lack to awesomeness, but rather it seems that its too calm to be in the news. The last time it made headlines was in 2012 right before its elections, when there were questions of if the incumbent president would try to cling to power. Outside of that, the city rarely makes a bleep on the international radar.

We wanted to show Dakar in the multiple facets that make the city as dynamic as it is, and entice our audience into giving a second glance at the West African country.

My Africa Is: Editon Dakar- Le Journal Rappe

My Africa Is catches up with Keyti and Xuman of Le Journal Rappe. A rapped news show that aims to engage Senegalese youth, in current events, by using a rap format.

For more information visit their Youtube Page.

My Africa Is: Edition Dakar- Malika Surf Camp

My Africa Is spent some time with Malika Surf Camp one of three surf schools in Senegal. We got a chance to explore surf culture in Dakar, and what it takes to become a pro.

Find out more about Malika Surf Camp here.

My Africa Is: Edition Dakar- Sunu Street Project

My Africa Is caught up with the Sunu Street Project, a dance company, that seeks to validate urban dance in Senegal, and empower young dancers to pursue their craft professionally.

Find out more about Sunu Street Project here.

Producer/Director: Nosarieme Garrick
Associate Producer: Kathleen Bomani
Editors: Jared Zygarlicke and Chelsi Bullard
Sound mixing: Talia Rogers
Color Correction: Emmanuel Etim